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Endovascular Treatment

Japan Cancer Solution & Consultancy is your dedicated partner in Endovascular cancer consultancy. We provide consultancy on endovascular treatments, cancer treatment using thermotherapy, uterine fibroid treatment, lymphedema outpatient treatment and cancer screening examinations. 

We specialize in connecting patients from Bangladesh with the most advanced and specialized treatments available in IGT Clinic for Endovascular Treatments.

Endovascular Treatments

Endovascular treatments are cutting-edge procedures designed to address a wide range of vascular and circulatory issues within the body. This treatment are minimally invasive procedures that utilize catheters, stents, and other specialized devices to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions within blood vessels and organs. These procedures are performed through small incisions, often using imaging guidance like X-rays. The aim of this treatment is to significantly reduce the amount of drugs injected,  lower chance of organ damage, and reduce the size of cancer. Therefore, it minimizes the need for major surgery and results in quicker recovery times.

Common endovascular treatments include angioplasty (widening narrowed or blocked blood vessels), stent placement (keeping vessels open), embolization (blocking blood flow to tumors or abnormal vessels), and thrombectomy (removing blood clots).

Endovascular Treatment for Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids, a prevalent concern among women, can cause discomfort and disrupt daily life. IGT Clinic specializes in endovascular treatments to address uterine fibroids. It is done by delicate precision of microcatheter insertion into the uterine artery and blocks the blood flow to the fibroids. Therefore it is possible to reduce the uterine fibroid size.

Around 80% of patients experience improvement of the symptom just after one single treatment. At IGT Clinic, the doctors priotize patient comfort so they use local anesthesia into the spherical embolization material to effectively minimize the post-operative pain.

Approximate conditions for endovascular treatment

Malignant tumors:

tumors in the liver, in the breast, in the lungs, in the ovary, in the bladder, in the uterus, giant cell tumors, desmoid tumors, bone metastases, etc.

Uterine fibroid:

*The doctor will make the final decision on whether or not treatment is possible after checking the submitted materials.

Conditions for which endovascular treatment is not applicable

Brain tumor, malignant glioma, liver cirrhosis, eye tumor, cervical spine tumor, myeloma, renal pelvic cancer, renal cancer, spinal cord tumor, renal failure, aneurysm, leukemia, ovarian cyst, lymphangiopathy, etc.

Operable early stage cancer, severe general weakness, severe liver dysfunction, severe renal dysfunction, severe arteriosclerosis with severe peritoneal/pleural metastasis, severe dementia, intestinal obstruction, severe pleural effusion, ascites.

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